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Are you tired of struggling with motivation and not knowing how to achieve your goals? Do you want to change your perception of life and overcome obstacles in your path? Our breakthrough approach challenges your thinking about who you are and the world, giving you the tools to achieve your full potential.

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The seeds we . flourish in our life!

I use a three-part approach to coaching that focuses on the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to make a change, I work with individuals from all walks of life to help them define and achieve their goals. Together, we’ll build a solid foundation and a systematic approach that will enable you to stop merely existing and start truly living. It’s time to take back control of your life!

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Personal & Business Coaching

Do you want more clarity to find your purpose, so you are not just existing, but thriving?

The GROW Model is a coaching framework that can help individuals achieve their goals. The process is broken down into four key steps:


The coach helps the client to identify a specific and measurable goal that is relevant to their personal or professional life.


The client examines the current situation and understands any obstacles or challenges that may be preventing them from achieving their goal.


The coach and client brainstorm possible solutions and strategies that the client can use to overcome obstacles and achieve their goal.


The client commits to a specific action plan and takes steps towards achieving the goal, with support and accountability from the coach.


your life.

The right perception is the defining factor as to how you view your life and what you are capable of achieving. Change your mindset, change your life.


Clients set bigger goals, creating a systematic approach with defined actions to establish a plan in order to develop the habits to thrive in their lives.


The greatest gift we can give ourselves is the knowledge and understanding of our own inner strength, through being coached and developed.

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An intensive one-on-one relationship that will allow us to go deep into the recesses of what is holding you back from becoming who you are meant to be.




Getting to know yourself might seem more than a little boring. After all, what else is there to learn? You’ve spent every second of your life with yourself. There certainly can’t be anything that you could possibly learn about yourself, right?

Know Your Why- Joshua Coffman Coaching
Life is full of obstacles, but it's how we choose to handle them that defines us. Every challenge we overcome makes us stronger and brings us one step closer to our purpose. With the right support and guidance, we can discover our true potential and create a life filled with meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.
Joshua Coffman

Know Your Why

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